Our team has twenty plus years of experience with horses. This make us the perfect solution to rescue the ones who need help.

We are a mustang horse farm, because we strive to preserve the American Mustang Heritage.

We care, we respect, we listen to the horses that we save. We are not the usual rescue; most of the horses we save stay with us. Of course, this is not easy financially; we need your help to accomplish this. We are all volunteers, non paid; everything we do is for the horses we save.

Here at our farm the horses have an easy life filled with pleasure rides, performance exercise and a nutritious balanced diet. Most of the horses we save arrive at our farm famished and well underweight. We take care of it. Please click on the stories in this web site and you will see by yourself.


We excel in:

  • Rehab of the traumatized horse;

  • Recovery through proper feeding;

  • Horse startup;

  • Therapeutic work.