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We rescued Ellie May in January of 2017. She was bound to slaughter or so...

Check out our blog for more details. Today (end of 2017), she is thriving here at our Farm.

She enjoys playing with our mustang horse Lakota and sometime she can be stubborn as a mule! ...oh, we forgot, she is a mule!

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We rescued Cherry in May of 2017. She came in underweight and with a starting symptoms of strangles.

We went to work and properly treated her.

Ah...take a look here and check out how she is doing now (end of 2017).

Full of energy, she is a pleasure to ride and definitively, she can challenge the most experienced rider too.

She can be sweet like a cherry and be calm and pleasant, but let her go and she will take you for a spin!

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Candy came at our rescue in August of 2017.

Very bad hooves and in needing or worming.

We took care of it and you can see now she is running happy in the snow (end of 2017).

She is a good eater too.

Very friendly and playful.

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Cane! Not sure how we got this one!

Well, ...we know...he was supposed to go somewhere else, but someone did not wanted him. He was done, abandoned.

We stepped in and rescued him.

He arrived at the farm at very beginning of September 2017.

Could not eat due to teeth issues. We took care of that and look at him now (end of 2017). A little playful mini full of energy!

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Angel arrived in between Christmas and New Year 2017. He has a very serious case of strangles and he was very malnourished.

After a lot of care and great work from Green Wood Veterinary he is now almost ready to go out and play.

Your support to care for Angel is needed.

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Cimarron arrived in February of 2018. Cimarron is a Mustang and a tough one.

Hereinbelow enjoy some videos with his training so far; he looks like a good boy, but ... check our some of the bucking and the driving ...

In the end ... he is now doing great!

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Cimarron with reins.

Cimarron bucking mustang.

Cimarron in training - driving.

Cimarron in training - Join Up

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