COVID-19 has impacted society in an unprecedented way. The impact in Michigan is one of the most devastating ones.

At The Mustang Acres Farm, we are experiencing an important decrease of funds.

Of course, we are here to stay and continue our operations maintaining the course and caring for the many rescues we have at our Farm now. This will be possible thanks to continue unwavering support from a special member of the family.

Today, we are caring for a total of 18 horse rescues, 5 dog rescues and 15+ cats that have made The Mustang Acres farm their home.

To properly care for the 18 horses our expenses varies from 2,000 USD/month to 3,000 USD/month plus vet bills and proper vaccinations.

This fundraise aims to help The Mustang Acres farm for the next upcoming 3 months of operations. 

Please donate to The Mustang Acres Farm.

Click on info for more details on Michigan.

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