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We are an IRS recognized 501(c)3 Nonprofits Organization.

Our passion is to rescue abandoned and neglected horse; it is not easy as there are many of them and we wish we could save them all.

Many of these horses end up at kill pens where, if not saved, they will end up being shipped out of the Country. Others are abandoned by owners that cannot sustain the financial burden and cannot feed them anymore.

Our goal is to save as many as we can.

Additionally a we put a special emphasis in saving wild mustangs; our goal is the preserve the American Mustang Heritage. These horses are incredibly strong and they can become great riding horses.


  • To save as many horses we can from being neglected.

  • To preserve the American Mustang Heritage.

  • Should we come in touch with other animals needing help (dogs, etc...), in the process of saving a horse, we will do our best to save them and foster them.


  • Integrity:

    • We will never compromise to any substandard. We will always act with respect of the law and the goal to save lives.​

  • Can do attitude:

    • We will always operate with a positive attitude toward achieving the goal of saving lives.​

  • Grit:

    • When we engage, we shall not give up.​

  • Purpose:

    • To rescue as many animals we can​.

The Mustang Acres FARM

A horse rescue operation

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Our trusted veterinarian

The Mustang Acres Farm is a 501(c)3 mustang horse farm that specializes in animal rescue. Our main focus is horses. Check out our stories and you will see by yourself why we make a difference.

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